Contradiction and Duality within the City: the House of Arts and Culture

Andrei Sdrula, Roger Williams University


This project aims to apply the concepts of contradiction and duality as described in the manifesto to reinvigorate and reconnect a portion of the city Bucharest: the capital of Romania. This city has a long history of architectural achievements and disasters, and this intervention gets to the heart of that legacy when it confronts the House of Parliament: a massive megalomaniacal building constructed under the Ceausescu regime in the 1980s. The project addresses the parliament, sector, city, country, and people with first: a master plan, and then a civic building within that master plan that is located in front of the parliament. In the aftermath left by the destruction of one fifth of the city that was needed to construct these communist monoliths a large portion of land was left readily available for re-densification so it is ideal to take advantage of this interesting location that could give architecture a voice and potential for being the tool for resolving issues that cross political, economic, and social boundaries.