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This thesis’ mission is to create a comfortable environment for those suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The institutional environments of the past are not sufficient for such individuals and their families. A community atmosphere is what they need; an entire complex just for them. The victims of this terrible memory defeating disease just want to go home. For many, this is not possible, therefore they should be given an environment that reminds them of home. They should have their own space that is customizable and warm. They should also be free to wander at their leisure. Their freedom should not be taken away. Certain security measures should always be incorporated to create a flexible environment that they can enjoy without constant supervision. They should be able to enjoy the outdoors in every single space. It will help them to feel more comfortable, relaxed, and free. Though they are relegated to the large community, they are able to go on scheduled supervised trips to different locations around the area. This will help to give them something to look forward to, and to keep them interacting with modern society. This will, in turn, help to decrease the desire for escape. Family members will want to visit more often since the community is such a welcoming atmosphere. This will help to make everyone feel more comfortable and at ease during this inevitably difficult situation.

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