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With the environment of our planet changing for the worse, there is a need for an economical and sustainable solution. As we become more aware of the effects our actions have on our ecosystem, we have the opportunity to implement ways to alleviate some of stress we are causing on our planet. The population is growing exponentially and, with climate change being felt around the world, sea levels are rising at a faster rate than ever before. With these two situations alone, we are faced with an extreme complication; where do ‘we’ put all of these people and how do we deal with the flooding of coastal regions and the extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and tsunamis?

In this book you will find one, completely sustainable, and completely feasible solution to these two big issues we are facing as a planet. As population grows and land decreases due to flooding risks, especially along the coasts, we have the opportunity to inhabit a place that covers almost 70% of our planet and a place that we haven’t taken full advantage of inhabiting yet, the ocean!

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