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If we carefully analyze what exists currently in our industrial neighborhoods, we see that they all have very close proximity to our existing transportation systems. What used to be utilized for shipping raw materials and manufactured goods can be now used for commuting to and from other cities on a public transportation system. Many of these 19th and 20th century buildings in these neighborhoods are perfect spaces which we can start to use for modern day working, living and commercial space. By looking at ways in which we can reuse and incorporate these older buildings into a 21st century development, we can start to make unique spaces in our cities that have an economic benefit based on their existing location.

By approaching these derelict sites with the mindset of using them as a location for transit oriented development, the architectural scheme can start to utilized an existing urban fabric by revitalizing the abandoned areas into thriving communities. In turn, this can increase a cities econo- my, making these gateway cities more relevant on the regional scale and start to create new urban communities through architectural innovation.

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