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Master of Architecture


I propose to impact change for people and planet by architecting a community within a dense living space that is sustainable by means of public transportation that would enable travel to all essential activities as well as many leisurely places, events, stores, shopping centers and theaters. The carefully planned and architected ecosystem would blend commodities of life with dense living spaces to provide a self- sustaining community within a city. People who work outside of the ecosystem could utilize it by connecting through branches of the public transportation system. People who live within the ecosystem could depend on various means to get around without having to own a car. The ultimate goal would be to reduce the need for individual vehicles for transportation.

The architectural purpose of this project is to provoke a cohesive relationship between people, how they move and how they live by integrating more attractive options for public transportation. The project will be a transparent architecture that through form and materiality allows for maximum function. The architecture will inspire a new way of life for people that is healthier and easier and more affordable. It will encourage investment in public transit as it becomes popular, dependable and central to life.

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