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Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Architecture degree.


Schools are one of the most crucial atmospheres for children as they begin to learn and grow into the people they are going to become. The average student will be in school for twelve years, and then four years of college. This makes up a significant amount of their young lives.

School is where students go to develop the basic foundations of education. School provides chances for children to acquire knowledge on various fields of study, such as literature, history, mathematics, social sciences and physical sciences. Attending school allows for opportunities to meet and form relationships with peers in the same age group.

Nowadays, school has become the first stepping stone in the life of a child, meaning, children learn a lot more than just simple subjects. Developing hobbies, learning basic etiquettes, getting skilled at multitasking, and developing social skills are some of the many things that a school begins to equip students with.

The school designs have to be able to keep up with the complexities of what educators have to teach our children. Every student is different and has various needs that have to be addressed in order for each student to become successful. They need to have the right facilities and environment for strong development. It has become a topic that is closer to my heart and thus I have decided to take on the challenge of designing a highly effective, hands on learning environment that caters to the students of today.

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