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Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Architecture degree.


For my thesis I would like to research historic concepts and ideas of plans, and how they could apply to residential housing layouts today. Through precedent ideas and example projects, I would be able to identify architectural moves made by famous architects of the past that would have real value today, but have since gone unused except in the projects in which they were created. Through projects examined in architectural history classes, to projects suggested by professors, I will research a wide range of styles and ideas to include in a modern project.

I will rely on historic typologies, centered in the early 20th century explorations of architecture. I will rely on inspiration from plans previously studied in architectural history classes, and the concepts exemplified in them. They will be limited to residential architecture, so the programmatic uses can be consistent through the different precedents and concepts. The form however can vary greatly based on the individual architects and each of their projects.

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