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Architecture is about space and space supports place and event. When someone spends time in a building for the first time it is not the architectural details of the edifi ce that will be branded in their mind; it is often the event that took place there, and the activities that they participated in that one will remember. It is the responsibility of the architect to foresee the events that will take place over the seasons and architecturally plan for such experiences. To be an architecture of this moment architecture must continually reinvent existing rituals, typologies, and tectonics through a radical re-conceptualization of the known in order to accommodate the neverbefore- seen. A Multicultural Funeral Home reveals the program in a new way, and through the completed work, one sees the site, the culture, and ourselves in new ways. A Multicultural Funeral Home betters the individual or group that experiences the place, and stimulates them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Society has forgotten about place and event making and has become overwhelmed with the possibilities of the future that one does not take the time to stop and dwell in the present. A Multicultural Funeral Home creates a place where one becomes aware of the present, where the occasion that is taking place will be fully experienced, and the architecture allows one to participate rather than simply observe.

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