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Hope for Paws has made it their mission to rescue any and all animals, no matter the size, shape, breed or species. Their goal is to rehabilitate them, foster them out, and get them adopted into loving forever homes, where they will never know the abuse and neglect that they had previously known. But is there a better system? Hope for Paws runs the rescue missions, pays for the vet bills, find the fosters, and works with the fosters to find them their forever homes. They accomplish this while they still care for all they rescue and check in on them in the vet and the fosters and sometimes the home that they find. But the system seems to be disconnected, is there a way to bring all the parts of the rescue operations together to make it as simple and easy for the rescue workers and as less stressful as possible for the animals? Hope for Paws also strives to educate the public about their rescue missions, in the hopes to end the abuse. Education of the young public to not abuse animals in the first place, no matter the size or breed, and also to educate the adults to step in and say something if they see abuse or to call for help, when they see it.

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