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The Wellness Center in Providence, Rhode Island incorporates alternative medicine, medical, and dental facilities for the benefit and education of patients within and around surrounding neighborhoods as well as for others who reside outside the immediate area. These services, all of which are available in one centrally located area have the potential to captivate and entice those who are interested in creating a better lifestyle for themselves. A predominant focus of this facility is to instill and promote healthy lifestyles while at the same time educating the public who can contribute to a society and become capable of addressing and solving problems and issues before they become too big. City inhabitants regardless of social or economic status can become the promoters of a healthier life once they receive the tools. They too become educators by spreading the word, which is directly influential to those around them and the society in which they live. The concept of creating buildings that promote balance between mind, body, and spirit will begin a process, which facilitates a realignment of societal values and ethics through the practice and education of medical, dental, and holistic care. As the building radiates the essence of interactions between people and space, and building within its environment, the experience becomes that of probability. Another important aspect of this project is to create a purposeful building within a city environment with consideration given to existing historical buildings and landscape while at the same time generating a positive influence and effect in a tactful manner consistent with contextual surroundings.

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