Xcalak Resort: Architecture of the Tropics

Rafal Toczko, Roger Williams University

Document Type Thesis


The design of the resort in Xcalak, Mexico demonstrates an alternative approach to resort architecture and climate responsive architecture. The resort does not rely on fossil fuels and takes advantage of natural ventilation, solar power, water harvesting, and local materials. The resort offers the luxury and variety of amenities that are offered by standard resorts, however, it is much more gentle on the environment and responsive to the nature and the surroundings. The architecture of the resort is contemporary and responsive to the climate.

Vast majority of resorts that are being built and operating in such areas are heavily reliant on fossil fuels and leave large ecological footprints. I believe that all resorts should focus on alternate fuels, solar power, natural ventila-tion, and design that would be complementary to these strategies. It would not only be beneficial for the environment but would also demonstrate nature and climate responsive architecture.