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I propose to design a Center for Sustainability that serves as a place to educate students and the public, as well as provide a place to research and experiment, in an effort to further the developing technologies of this ecological study. While living in a perpetually changing world, I believe a place is needed to teach about these changes as well as adapt to them. I propose to build a center that both educates people about the background of the subject as well as teaching them the present, practical aspects of sustainability. Classes and exhibits will give visitors the education needed to apply aspects of sustainable design to their daily lives. Meanwhile, research will be taking place in the building as well, looking for new and better ways to use the resources we have to improve the world. An incubator will provide spaces for start-up businesses to grow that are developing sustainable technologies in the research labs. The most important part of the building, however, is that it should be adaptable and changeable, like the world in which it is set. Yesterday’s future is today’s present, so that must be reflected in the design of this center. Today’s research will be tomorrow’s practical applications, and in a week, history. The technology associated with sustainability is not only ever changing, but fast paced. Therefore, the building and its architecture must reflect this dynamic nature and be able to adapt to it. It should convince the public by making sustainability appealing and accessible, purposeful and practical.

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