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The decline of art education in our school systems is potentially robbing today’s youth of the opportunity for creative expres­sion. Without this outlet for personal expression, the student population stands to lose an educational experience that is no less important than academics, such as mathematics and sci­ence. The Union Wadding Artist Complex seeks to provide an environment for students in and around Pawtucket, Rhode Island to create and hone their artistic skills in a peer-driven and uninhibited setting. Art classrooms, designated for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums, would foster a creative spirit that would only grow and prosper as the stu­dent population further developed their skills and techniques, while they worked collaboratively to generate pieces of art. Housing units of various sizes are also included in the program to augment the artist facilities. Along with art classrooms, combining highly public services, such as shopping and dining amenities, with more artist-based spaces, such as studios and workshops, would bring together a wide demographic of individuals and unite the artist community with the local, more general public. It is important to provide a space for students and artists to work together, while inviting the city’s inhabitants and visitors to be part of the space, as well. It serves to benefit and promote the artist’s (both student and adult) works and talents. The joining of the public, students and artists would occur most notably in a gallery that highlights the work being created on-site and inspire those that observe the displayed pieces. Public involvement and interaction with the artist community would further expand and promote the notion that art is an important part of development, regardless of age or artistic ability. Ultimately, the Union Wadding Artist Complex seeks to provide the opportunity for art-based edu­cational programs and classes in order to generate a creative and vibrant communal spirit.

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