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The thesis seeks to explore relationships between people based on their proximity and condition of viewing to an event. As evidenced in the images to the left, the inspiration for such a thesis draws on ideas of privacy, voyeurism, retail and most importantly performance.

Each element of inspiration presents elements of intrigue to the proposed theater. As one walks the streets of Times Square in New York City, you cannot help but let yourself be enveloped by the marketing of hundreds of retailers - each drawing the customer in with exploitation of their products through the transparent medium of glass. Architecture can similarly act as a medium, one of revelation of the activities that take place within its walls.

Not only will the level of exposure be influential in the development of the thesis, but, similarly, movement will also play an integral role. The notion of sequence and discovery affiliated with movement from place to place are incredibly valuable to the public character with which architecture develops.

Each of these attitudes will serve as the foundation for an exploration into the performance of exposure within architecture.

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