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This proposal seeks to bring new life to the former industrial district of the post-industrial city. Existing in a society based on services and technologies, these villages must either adapt to meet the needs of business or serve another purpose within the community. The project for the Weir Village falls into the latter category, as its aim will be to create a cohousing community within Taunton. The new development will strengthen the character of the village and be able to affect the community beyond the site’s physical boundaries. It will create affordable alternatives to housing for those who do not fi t into the traditional family. Besides the public functions of the cohousing, such as the common house, the development will also have public amenities that the new community can share with the preexisting one. The design will also be influenced by the ideas of New Urbanism and Transit Oriented Development. A shuttle will connect the project to train stations within Taunton that link the city to Boston and other cities in southeastern Massachusetts.

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