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The proposal for this project is to create a branch library and a branch collage in city center Philadelphia that offers the possibility to reunification and improvement of a community. The project is going to take place at 1300 Fairmount Ave, Popular, Philadelphia, PA., that currently is a vacant lot and it is adjacent to the Fairmount subway station and the Devine Lorraine Hotel. While the chosen site, nearby lots and some adjacent properties are a vacant or abandoned, or consists of public housings. The area is anticipating a major rehabilitation projects that create groundwork for a successful urban fabric that reinforces the urban pedestrian bond from the city center to lower North Philadelphia. The project accommodates proposed revitalization plans and it takes account of future need and change in the area with its program, use and design. By providing academic and cultural opportunity, the project will reconnect area with local communities and beyond. Also it is anticipated to function as a cultural incubator of the area for general improvement of the life standard of current and future generations. As representation of broad cultural activities held within the project, the word “Logos” is employed.

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