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Crustaceans are economically and ecologically significant, but current treatment and diagnostic protocols for crustacean health are limited. According to standards given by the American Veterinary Medical Association there are no current methods of euthanizing lobsters, nor are there effective methods of quick release anesthesia. The objective of this research demonstrated that eugenol by direct injection is a safe, efficient and reliable method for euthanizing or anesthetizing crustaceans. Anesthetic levels were determined by behavior responses, death was determined by a lack of response to stimuli. The results presented here suggest eugenol can be used as a euthanizing agent for American lobsters (Homarus americanus) and green crabs (carcinus maenas) injected into the sinusoidal circulatory system at a dose of 7µl/g dissolved in a solution of 70% ethanol and sterile sea water injected into the pericardial sac.