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During the spring semester of 2012, the ARCH 515: Graduate Architectural Design Studio course led by Professor Gary L. Graham, FAIA, led students through the design process for a cancer support center. This studio has endeavored to absorb the concept and program of the Maggie’s Centers in the United Kingdom, and to translate the ideas of Maggie Keswick Jencks to the actual needs and goals of a well-respected local charity in Rhode Island: The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation.

This effort has resulted in the programming, site selection, site analysis, conceptual design and developed design of eleven expressive reinterpretations of the Maggie’s Centre concept in the context of the local culture and environment. A selection of work from students in ARCH 515 is represented in this final book.


Two overlapping vesica shapes are apparent in the building composition—one creating the building enclosure, the other forming an enclosing fence to a garden space adjacent the building. This overlapping of two vesica shapes is metaphorically representative of the metaphase of cell subdivision where two cells emerge from one. The second vesica shape begins within the heart of the building enclosure and emerges to create an enclosing wall to the first of the surrounding ‘garden’ spaces.