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The purpose of this project was to identify the essential operational processes required to meet the quality and financial goals for (1) Bristol’s proposed Maritime Center and its corresponding initiative to (2) attract more transient boaters to Bristol Harbor.

The project was a three‐month partnership effort between the Town of Bristol and its Harbormaster and Roger Williams University’s CPC program involving students and faculty from its architecture and business schools. Another key participant in the project was a representative from the Harbor Commission and Explore Bristol’s Marine Working Group.


Economic studies have indicated that visiting boaters spend between $25‐$300 per day per person ashore. The upper end of this average were visitors associated with regattas or events. $70 was the average expenditure used in the Bristol projections. It is important to note that Bristol’s marketing initiative can have a major influence on the level of visitor spending. For instance, coupons and information about local stores and restaurants do have a positive effect. Promoting the harbor for yacht club cruise events is not only appreciated by the event organizers, but is financially advantageous to Bristol.

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