Submissions from 2014


Building Engineering Feasibility Study: Herreshoff Marine Museum, Vanessa Camiolo, Janelle Devereaux, Kayla Newton, Zach Turner, Anthony Ruocco, Gilbert Brunnhoeffer, and Arnold Robinson

An Environmental Study and Design of River Access Sites Along the Historic Blackstone River Corridor in Rhode Island, Timothy Clarkin, Meagan Connely, Noelle LaFlamme, Tayla Mello, Anthony Ruocco, Janet Baldwin, and Arnold Robinson


HVAC System Analysis and Energy Audit: The Providence Athenaeum, Nicholas Farland, Trevor Larson, Justin Taylor, Cameron Wendler, Anthony Ruocco, Janet Baldwin, and Arnold Robinson

Submissions from 2013


Reliance: Herreshoff Marine Museum, Arnold Robinson, George Dalton, Sean Damico, Eric Doremus, Brian Fortier, Jeffrey Goncalo, and Arthur Lee