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The barn at Codding Farm, a property listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was the subject of a semester-long project. The North Attleborough Historical Commission submitted the project to the Community Partnerships Center (CPC) at Roger Williams University. This project was then undertaken in fulfillment of the classes HP 681 Historic Rehabilitation Workshop and HP 384 Preservation Planning Workshop.

This report contains an existing conditions assessment, a scope of work for rehabilitation treatments and a suggested new design that accommodates the programming desired by the community partner.


The primary wood columns and secondary wall studs show a variety of conditions. Most notably, the columns at the foundation level have been cut to remove rotted portions and are now supported by concrete footings. The columns on the first floor level have been reinforced with additional pieces of wood. An additive process of building up the structure is evident, although it is not clear if this is historically original or the results of the repair efforts circa 2005.