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The research presented in this report was done in fulfillment of course requirements for HP 681 Historic Rehabilitation Workshop and HP 384 Preservation Planning Workshop in the Roger Williams University (RWU) Historic Preservation program. The work was completed in coordination with the RWU Community Partnerships Center.

The primary focus of this project was for the student team to suggest a rehabilitation plan for the Baptist Church in Warren, Rhode Island. Students were tasked with inspecting the church and advising the staff on preservation priorities for the site along with suggested rehabilitation methods that would be in line with requirements for the National Historic Register.


The Baptist Church in Warren is located in the Warren Waterfront Historic National Register District. Warren also has a Voluntary Historic District. Both the National Register Nomination and the Voluntary Historic District have regulations which pertain to changes to the exterior view shed of the building. Exterior work on this project will need to abide by the State of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations Rehabilitation Code for existing buildings and structures and the Town of Warren Department of Building and Zoning. Exterior work done on a voluntary basis, according to the Warren Voluntary Historic District guidelines, will qualify for a 20% tax credit. The Baptist Church in Warren does not meet the requirements for the local and state tax credit.