The Andrews Complex Development Feasability Study for Newport Art House’s “Residency 2020” Project

Tracy Jonsson, Roger Williams University


This paper is a needs-driven feasibility study for acquiring and rehabilitating the Andrews Complex, located at 7-10 Fir Street, Newport RI for use in Newport Art House’s Residency 2020 Project.

Newport Art House (NAH) commissioned this study responding to the need for affordable housing and studios within Newport’s artist community in the face of social change resulting from years of municipal economic investment in seasonal tourism. The Residency 2020 Project is one solution addressing equity, sustainability, and community authenticity issues identified by the City of Newport. It is an example of innovation at the intersection of historic preservation, placemaking, and affordable housing.

Donovan Rypkema’s book Feasibility Assessment Manual for Reusing Historic Building was utilized as the structural methodology for the study, which includes research of national, regional, and local variables.

The study found the Andrews Complex economically feasible for conversion into a mixed use, affordable-housing artist studio and gallery facility.