Modeling Inter-dimensional Narratives

Olga Mesa, Roger Williams University
John O'keefe, Roger Williams University

Document Type Conference Proceeding


The integration of VR in the creative process has caused a profound shift in the use of modeling tools and abstraction. How do instantaneous experiential feedback, body awareness, the triggering of spatial sensations, and traveling in real-time from an object-scale to a habitable-scale affect modeling in VR? This research explores the tensions and exchanges between the physical and the digital relative to spatial perception when designing in VR. The work produced by participants involved in a digital design workshop developed around these topics will be presented. In response to a written provocation, participants modeled three-dimensional dreamscapes in VR using Oculus Medium. Participants explored the connection between the body and its movements to measure, model, and control phenomena when animating virtual scenes. This research contributes to the teaching and implementation of modeling in a virtual environment by exploring the inherent possibilities of VR in relation to the conceptualization of spaces.