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Published in: Annales Series Historia Naturalis, Vol. 19 (Supplement 2), 2009.


In 2000, the National Science Foundation, in union with Croatian and Slovenian science ministries, provided initial support for the international collaboration that has become Meduza project. The program was started with the goal of international collaboration. Our initial objective was simple - use this international collaboration to develop exiting scientific research involving medusae in Southern Adriatic waters. This international collaborationa has been of great importance personally and professionally to all of the investigators and institutions involved in the project, but we now ask what objective difference has the project made scientifically. We approach this question by comparing what we might accomplish at the project's outset to how we now view of research on gelatinous zooplankton because of research in the Meduza project. Work outside the also has affected our views but we describe here research produced through the project that has contributed substantially to broadening our perspectives in three major areas of investigations: modes of propulsion, mechanics of predation, and trophic significance of medusae.

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