Lysmata rauli, a new species of peppermint shrimp, (Decapoda: Hippolytidae) from the southwestern Atlantic

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Published in: Zootaxa, Volume 2372, 2010


A new peppermint shrimp species, Lysmata rauli sp. nov., is described based on a specimen collected in shallow subtidal waters off Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Lysmata rauli sp. nov. was identified from fresh material collected in tide pools. L. rauli sp. nov. appears to be rare in the region with only two specimens collected from Salvador, Brazil. The new species can be readily distinguished from all other species by the absences of a well developed accessory branch, number of carpal segments of the second pereiopod, presence of a well developed pterygostomial tooth and number of teeth on the rostrum, as well as by color pattern.