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Book Review


Published in: National Identity, Issue 2, 2000.


Ever since western feminist scholarship was accused of defining gender in transhistorical and transcultural ways, there have been attempts to add the category, `woman of colour’, in feminist enterprises that rang e from the academic to the administrative. Such toke n gestures inevitably re-inscribe the problem by glossing over distinctive material histories and the particularity of women’s experiences and struggles. For those of us who refuse such additive, tokenist approaches, A Patchwork Shawl edited by Shamita Das Dasgupta is a welcome contribution. Written by South Asian immigrant and first generation women, A Patchwork Shawlis, to us e Dasgupta’s words, `a collection of stories: the stories of women’s lives ’ (p. 1) and each narrative provides a specic and vivid perspective on the South Asian gendered, immigrant experience.