Nonylphenol polyethoxylates as possible endrocrine disrupters in the collapsing population of the bay scallop

Keith A. Douglass, Roger Williams University
Candice M. Lavelle, Roger Williams University
Dale F. Leavitt, Roger Williams University
Stephen K. O'Shea, Roger Williams University

Document Type Conference Proceeding


The amount of nonylphenol (NP) bio-accumulated in the bay scallop's tissue under both static aqueous conditions and spiked sediment samples was studied. Lethal concentrations (LC50) of NP to A. irradians were determined in both aqueous and spiked sediment media. Concentrations of NP in sediment extracts (Kickemuit and Taunton Rivers, RI) and everyday household and industrial products were derived. NP concentrations in all samples were determined by standard HPLC with inline UV-visible and fluorescence detection. Total fluorescence was determined using a JY Horiba Fluorolog.