An alternative approach to introductory object oriented programming: A case study in programming with alice

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Conference Proceeding

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SIGED: IAIM 2007, Proceedings - 22nd Annual Conference

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Interest in traditional computing has been in decline, especially among women and minorities. A revised introductory programming course, focused on objectoriented, event driven, programming using ALICE, a 3D graphics programming environment developed at Carnegie Mellon University and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) formed the core of a curriculum revision to broaden the appeal of the Computer Information Systems (CIS) major. While ALICE has been implemented in Computer Science (CS) programs, there is little evidence of alternative introductory programming environments in the CIS curricula. This case study addresses the rationale for selecting ALICE, the subsequent course design, the responses to a student survey, a critique, and the expectations for the future course developments.

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