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Linden Place is a Federal-style residence located in Bristol, Rhode Island on 1.8 acres of land, including three outbuildings. The mansion was constructed in 1810 by Russell Warren and is significant under Criteria B and C in the areas of two of its residents and its architecture. Original owner, George DeWolf and his family had strong ties to the triangle trade and was one of the largest importer of slaves in the country during the nineteenth century. Samuel Colt, grandson of DeWolf, was a respected business man who played an important role in the rubber industry in Bristol and eventually the entire country. Linden Place is an excellent example of Federal-style architectural design with a large two-story portico, a Palladian entry door motif, and large elliptical fanlights and archways, unique to the mansion. The house retains a high degree of historic integrity, thus being representative of Linden Place’s period significance.