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In this paper, the Helmholtz equation for the exterior Neumann boundary condition for the pseudosphere in three dimensions using the global Galerkin method is studied. The Galerkin method will be used to solve Jones’ modified integral equation approach (modified as a series of radiating waves will be added to the fundamental solution) for the Neumann problem for the Helmholtz equation, which uses a series of double sums to approximate the integral. A Fortran 77 program is used and some required subroutines from the Naval Warfare Center are called to help increase ouraccuracy since these boundary integrals are difficult to solve. The solutions obtained arecompared to the true solution for the Neumann problem to understand how well the method converges. The lower errors obtained show that the method for complete reflection of the sound waves off of the pseudosphere is accurate and successful. Also presented in this paper are both computational and theoretical details of the method ofdifferent values of k for the pseudosphere.