Between 1934 and 1945, Fiorello H. LaGuardia was the fiery, flamboyant, no-holds-barred Mayor of New York City. Interestingly though, LaGuardia not only had a citywide agenda, he looked way beyond the city. Indeed, many felt he had an international agenda. This paper will zero in on LaGuardia the international spokesperson. More specifically, it will examine his words and deeds as they refer to the concerns of America's Jews (generally New York's Jews) with their bretheren in Europe, persecuted by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi henchmen. Finally, it will determinedly attempt to answer the troubling question of whether he did enough for them, or if his words were just a clever and shallow political ploy--another method of garnering votes from his Jewish constituency. The study will look to primary sources for answers. Secondary sources will round out the inquiry.

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