Proceedings of the 69th New York State Communication Association

October 21-23, 2011 • Honor's Haven, Ellenville, NY

Communication Connections: Contributions and Collaborations between Distanced Groups In the middle of the last century in his lecture and book, The Two Cultures, C.P. Snow famously described the breakdown of communication between the sciences and the humanities. Today, despite global connectivity and our nearly complete immersion in communication and information, we continue to find ourselves forming groups which are distanced from each other. For example, business people sometimes consider academics to be unrealistic and unworldly, while academics might describe business people as greedy and unthinking. How can colleges and universities help students to move from academia to business? Some urban and rural groups regard each other with suspicion. How can these neighbors live more comfortably and effectively with each other? Many citizens feel distanced from their governing bodies. Is government intervention in everything from economic policy to health care connecting citizens and policy makers? Or is it widening the gap? What new forms of citizen participation are enabled by new forms of media? This conference celebrates the positive synergy when distanced groups come together. We hope you will join us.

Conference Papers

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