Since shame is embedded in the discourse of menstruation, the researcher chose to naturalize the conversation of menstruation since it is an innate bodily function that menstruators should not be embarrassed about. Granted the improper sex education and the continuous genderization of menstruation promoted societal menstrual shame, the researcher found that both genders needed to be re-educated on menstrual stigma and be included in menstruation conversations. Through a needs assessment, the researcher created five campaign messages that allowed participants to see varying perspectives on periods. Both a questionnaire and a survey evaluated if the campaign changed the participants’ perceptions of menstruation. The campaign results vocalized that participants previously viewed menstruation as ‘embarrassing’ based on being uninformed of the other gender’s relationship to menstruation. To normalize menstruation, participants stressed that education and conversations need to value both genders’ perspectives and display menstruation realistically.

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