The aim of this work is not only to add to the literature analyzing the past and current impact that Facebook has on the more than 2.2 billion global users of the application (Wagner & Swisher, 2017), but also to synthesize the features of Facebook and offer reasonable solutions for reducing the occurrence of the unintended effects of the features of Facebook. Three questions are to be kept in mind: “What are the features of Facebook?”, “What have been observed as unintended effects of the features of Facebook?” and “What viable solutions exist in mitigating the unintended effects of the features of Facebook?” The intended effects of features of Facebook as outlined by the “hopes” identified in Mark Zuckerberg’s 2012 letter are met with equally as important unintended effects: toxicity, data breaches and cancel culture. A simple case of the oft- occurring scenario where over time, the intended and actual impact of Facebook (and similar technologies) on human relationships reveals many unanticipated results. Still, with creative solutions and strategizing around existing protections in place--such as algorithms, Section 230 community standards, CCM and CSR-- Facebook can align with Mark Zuckerberg’s hopeful 2012 vision.

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