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Aldebaran (Journals)

Calliope (Journals)

The literary magazine Calliope was first published in 1977. It was published through a Creative Writing course (CW200: Literary Magazine) at Roger Williams College. The students were responsible for all stages of preparation and publication, except printing. Works were submitted by established and emerging writers around the world. The journal was published twice a year until 1998. For more information, click on the "About this Journal" tab on the left.

Critical Conversations: A Celebration of Writing (Journals)

Critical Conversations: A Celebration of Writing showcases and celebrates writing composed in James Beitler's WTNG 200 courses at Roger Williams University. In the spirit of the Burkean parlor, the journal's writers engage existing conversations, and their papers serve as resources for students enrolled in subsequent sections of the course.

New and Dangerous Ideas (Journals)

New and Dangerous Ideas is an online magazine that lives in the Roger Williams University Intercultural Center. NaDI seeks to promote social justice by letting students share their ideas and experiences through art. We accept all forms of art/expression and publish the works we think fit the mission and quality we want for the magazine. Our audience is primarily the Roger Williams University community.

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New England Science Public: Series Evolution (Journals)

ISSN 2326-0971

New England Science Public: Series Evolution (ISSN: 2326-0971) is published yearly by New England Science Public and the New England Center for The Public Understanding of Science at Roger Williams University. The Series publishes original, hypothesis-testing research articles, comprehensive reviews, current trends articles, conceptual viewpoints that challenge traditional scientific consensus and advance knowledge, and data and meta-data analytical studies in evolution and its directly related disciplines and sub disciplines (see About this Journal page for list of disciplines sponsored by the Series).

Proceedings of the New York State Communication Association (Journals)

The Proceedings of the New York State Communication Association publishes the Proceedings for the Convention of the New York State Communication Association. Papers are accepted to appear in the issue associated with the Convention in which they were presented. All papers, including those for the Undergraduate Student Papers, are blind peer-reviewed. Keynote addresses and GIFT panel submissions are not refereed.

Calls for Papers

The Editor of the NYSCA Proceedings issues the following Calls for Papers:

(Please note that there are TWO (2) calls this year for the NYSCA Proceedings.)

CFP #1:
Research papers presented at the 75th Annual Conference (2017) of the New York State Communication Association - From Plato to Pixels: Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, Shaping the Future are being accepted for blind peer review for the conference Proceedings beginning immediately after the conference. We urge you to contribute your work.Submissions will be accepted until March 1, 2018

CFP #2:
Now that we have hit our 75th anniversary, we wish to create a retrospective edition of work presented at our annual conferences. We invite those who have presented in the past but perhaps did not submit that work for publication in the Proceedings, to share that work with us in this special edition. Please indicate in the running head AND under the Title of the paper, the year in which it was presented. Submissions will be accepted until February 1, 2018.

Reason and Respect (Journals)

Roger Williams University Law Review (School of Law)

ISSN 1090-3968

The Roger Williams University Law Review is a journal of legal scholarship and commentary that is managed, edited and published by students of Roger Williams University School of Law. The Law Review publishes three issues each year. The Fall issue is devoted to topics of national interest. The Spring issue focuses on topics with a unique Rhode Island flavor, featuring a topical survey of Rhode Island law. The Law Review also publishes a third issue, the focus of which varies yearly. Committed to serving both a national and Rhode Island audience, the Law Review is distributed to law school libraries, government institutions, private law firms, and individual subscribers.