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There has been substantial research on the effects of familial violence on rapists and factors which lead a person to rape (Connolly & Woollons, 2008; Jaffe, Wilson, & Wolfe, 1986; Kitzman, Gaylord, Holt, & Kenny, 2003; Lee, Jackson, Pattison & Ward, 2002). However, there has been no research in identifying the factors which link rapists’ offense level of force and exposure to familial violence. In the present study we investigated how offenders exposed to domestic violence differ from those not exposed in the following factors: rates of physical abuse, rates of sexual victimization by both men and women, rates of alcohol use, and level of force in their offense. In the present study we tested a model to ascertain what factors predict level of force in the rapist’s offense. The results partially confirmed both of our hypotheses.

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