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Mistaken identification is the leading cause of convicting the innocent. To help reduce erroneous convictions associated with eyewitness error, video recording of the lineup procedure and identification has been recommended. There is little research however, on how video recording influences perceptions of the witness and detective. The present study was a 2 (Administration of Lineup: Single-Blind v. Double-Blind) X 4 (Perspective: Detective focus v. Eyewitness focus vs. Focus on Both v. Audio Only) between subjects design examining the differential impact of camera angle and knowledge of suspect by the detective on perceptions of the eyewitness and detective. Eyewitnesses were perceived significantly less confused when the camera was focused on the detective. Detectives were perceived significantly less favorable when the eyewitness identification procedure was given as an audio recording. Thus, camera focus during eyewitness identification procedures needs to be addressed before recommending mandatory electronic recordings.

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