Enhancing Sensor Network Security with RSL Codes

Chunyan Bai, Roger Williams University
Guiliang Feng, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Document Type Conference Proceeding

to be published In: International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering.


Sensor networks have found their wide applications in a variety of areas such as ocean and wildlife monitoring, manufacturing machinery, performance monitoring, building safety and earthquake monitoring. How to protect the data confidentiality is a challenging problem for sensor networks because of their resource constraints such as data memory, code space and energy to power the sensor nodes. Different threats to sensor networks, compared to those happened to traditional ad-hoc networks, also bring unique requirements to the design of a secure sensor network. In this paper, we present a novel encryption scheme based on Reed-Solomon-Like (RSL) Codes. The scheme provides a solution to the secure sensor networks with the advantages of fast calculation, low power consumption and easy implementation.