Cross-correlation thermal radiation phenomena in multilayer thin-film processing

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Conference Proceeding

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American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Dynamic Systems and Control Division (Publication) DSC

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The film thickness of multilayer thin-film structures such as the silicon-on-insulator wafers used for electronic applications are comparable to the wavelengths of the thermal radiation spectrum (0.1 to 12 μm). Consequently, during film structure processing with an infrared heat source, such as zone-melting recrystallization, reflections and interference at the interfaces influence the net reflection from the surface. In the case of an oxide-capped silicon-on-insulator structure the capping film and insulating film are of the same material. We earlier observed that when these two films have the same thickness the surface reflectivity reaches a maximum (and therefore the temperature a minimum) that changes sensitively to a departure from equal thicknesses. We believed this phenomenon to be due to peaking of the cross correlation of the reflectances of the two films when they are identical. This paper presents evidence that this is indeed the case. In fact, when any two films are optically identical, the cross correlation peaks.



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