Construction Research Congress 2022

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Construction Research Congress 2022: Health and Safety, Workforce, and Education - Selected Papers from Construction Research Congress 2022

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Workplace hazards and accidents occur more frequently in the construction industry than in any other industries. Occupational hazards cannot be completely eliminated but can be reduced to an extent where workers can perform activities in a safe environment. Health and safety of workers in construction site is of at most importance to employers, which when ignored can lead to fatal injuries and even death affecting the progress of work and project completion time. The goal of this study is to identify critical factors affecting workers health in extreme weather conditions and to identify the vulnerable workers based on age, gender, and ethnicity. Therefore, a questionnaire survey was developed and distributed to identify critical health challenges faced by construction workers while working in unfavorable weather conditions. The results revealed that workers with pre-existing medical condition like hyper-tension face higher unfavorable impacts on their health while working in extreme hot weather. Based on gender, female workers suffer from more heat related disorders compared to male workers. Based on age, workers above 50 years are more affected when working in extreme weather conditions compared to workers of other age groups. In addition, some workers reported increased irritation and distraction from work due to physical discomfort of working in unfavorable environment leading to more accidents at workplace. Moreover, some workers reported increased onset of muscle fatigue due to tight thermal clothing during cold weather conditions. Prolonged exposure to cold winds tends to distract the workers, leading to workers becoming more hallucinatory and disoriented. The results of this study will help employers and project managers to take proper actions against the unforeseen factors affecting the workers' health and safety in the construction sites with extreme weather conditions.



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