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Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University


The purpose of the Gateway Cities English Language Learner Enrichment Academies was to support English language fluency and comprehension of middle and high school ELLs through summer programming. Twenty Gateway Cities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts implemented four-week summer academies serving a total of 1679 middle and high school English language learners in 2014. This mixed-methods evaluation documents the program design, conditions, and outcomes of these academies. In this report, we share how the participants of these programs were the most vulnerable ELLs in terms of English proficiency and ELA and Math content knowledge when compared to their peers in their home districts and the state. However, we found that all academies posted gains in their students' English proficiency as measured by their own pre- and post-tests. These assessment analyses, integrated with our qualitative findings from six academies about how the summer academies created successful learning environments for ELLs, lead to recommendations for how the state could potentially serve additional ELLs even more effectively through future summer academies.

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