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Rhode Island has long hosted refugees from around the world. Schools in RI, particularly those in Providence, currently enroll hundreds of refugee youth. After spending a semester conducting research and teaching in a school that serves refugee youth, it became clear that explicit teacher training about this population rarely occurs. This guide seeks to provide resources in which to address this need.

At Roger Williams University, I teach courses in our Education programs about race, class, and culture. My professional research centers on the same topics. While on sabbatical, I created several documents for the principal I worked with, to help her locate resources to support her students. I went on to design a course for undergraduate pre-service teachers that I currently teach at Roger Williams. Our campus librarian suggested that the resources I have been creating and collecting could serve a wider public. I decided to take up her idea.

This guidebook fuses both of these professional tasks as a form of collegial sharing with the larger k-12 + higher education communities.

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