Importance of Bilingual Lawyers in the American Legal System

Megan Dosouto, Roger Williams University

Document Type Thesis

Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Science

Thesis advisor: Dr. Fernanda Righi


This research thesis project focuses on the benefits of legal professionals being bilingual and my support of utilizing bilingual legal professionals over language translators. This focuses on the communities they support, including their clients, other legal professionals, and all American citizens. There are analyses of language used in English-speaking and Spanish-speaking legal systems, as well as previous bilingual integration attempts. As a pre-law student that speaks both Spanish and Portuguese, I want to know how to advocate for myself as a future attorney and how to advocate for future clients who will need the assistance of a bilingual legal professional. To understand why this is so important, I researched bilingual communities, how Spanish-speaking countries compare to the United States in the legal field, and how bilingualism has been represented in the legal field in history.