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Project Team Members:

Professor: Arnold N. Robinson

Students: Kasey Beckwith, Laura Briggs, Christine Greeley, Duane Houghton, Sarah Janeczek, Martine S. Rousseau, Sydney Schoof, Alison Talbot


During the graduate-level course of the 2011 Spring Semester, the RWU Historic Preservation Planning class worked to create a Historical and Cultural Resources Plan for the Town of Warren, RI. The town is in the midst of updating its Comprehensive Community Plan and had looked to the RWU Preservation Planning Workshop course for leadership and innovation in the area of historic preservation planning. At the end of the fifteen week program, the students formulated an integrated preservation plan for the community by working together with the Project Advisory Committee composed of town leaders. The plan will provide the Town of Warren with ideas and best practices for solving preservation problems.