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The housing crisis across America is becoming increasingly worse by the year. Today, millions of people across the country struggle to keep a steady job and major cities struggle to effectively house their people at an affordable price. Across the country, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of unused or abandoned buildings with no purpose that could transform into possible solutions to solve these nationwide issues. Unfortunately, many of the buildings designed in the past rendered ineffective in use and design therefore, we as architects must delve into design that citizens can holistically enjoy and benefit from. Also, adaptively reusing these buildings can benefit the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.

The adaptation of these buildings includes much more than simply reconfiguring the interior spaces. The neighborhoods and cities in which these buildings exist have an immense influence on how the building should change, as well as, how the site it is surrounded by should be developed. Reintegrating these buildings into a modern fabric poses many challenges, but with careful consideration of the community and passionate design implications, redevelopment can be extremely successful to declining areas.

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