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Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Architecture degree.


Employee housing has become a struggling issue with the U.S. ski industry due to the fluctuation of climate, location and the industry known to have one of the highest carbon footprint. Today, many ski resorts are resorting ways to reduce their carbon footprint by using more environmental friendly equipments and incorporating all-seasons activities. As ski resorts starts to incorporate more activities into their resorts; the architecture and experience has been re-elevated as well.

This thesis project explores the limit of architecture and experience of putting employees and tourism experiences together. The two programs were developed and the similar program was joined together. These “moments” of similarity was design to have a place for the two programs to share one space. This is where architecture starts to push the boundary of comfort. Throughout iterations, the two experiences could not be equal all the time due to the level of expectation and privacy. Overall, the project exploration may have been pushed even further, but was a good experience.

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