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The goal of the project is to create a building that can be as active as possible throughout the day and evening. This can be done by finding a variety of users to occupy the building for different times of the day. In addition, creating multipurpose spaces will allow the building to stay smaller in size; a space in the building can take on multiple functions. Bringing in the entire community to this building is what will make the building successful. The building will be designed with the entire community in mind; young, middle-age, and elderly, not just a specific group. However it is not enough to just allowing a space for the community to gather, but the spaces must allow and encourage connections to be made. Spaces need to be created for the interaction of its users. This way, the elderly can teach the young, as well as the young can teach the elderly. By doing this, the building and its spaces, will create a strong community that will grow stronger together.

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