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The East Bay Coalition for the Homeless requested support from the RWU CPC, in the form of a branding study and a marketing strategy to attract new donors and to increase funding. The project was undertaken by three classes: Marketing Research in the fall of 2012 and a Special Topics Marketing class and a Web Development Center class in the spring of 2013. These last two classes began their work individually and then formed cross-disciplinary groups to complete the work.


There are a number of potential positioning strategies. The two which make the most sense for the EBCH are to “position the EBCH away from others in the category” and to “position the EBCH as unique.” These strategies have the advantage of setting the EBCH apart from the other organizations that address homelessness. Occupying its own “position” in the minds of potential and current donors is not only an effective communications/marketing strategy but also a less costly one because it avoids head-to-head competition and comparisons.