Tufts-Rensselaer thermal manufacturing research-curriculum development program

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Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. AD

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This paper describes the underlying pedagogy and initial first year activities of a three year, NSF-funded collaborative project, involving Tufts University and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The project is utilizing complementary institutional strengths in Thermal Manufacturing research and engineering education to deliver curricula to a wide spectrum of students from pre-college through practicing engineers. One category of deliverables for the project is a set of WWW-based, interactive multimedia Curricular Modules which will be integrated into several existing and new courses. Two modules are highlighted - one on Phase Transformation and another on Welding Processes and Metallurgy. Both topics are central to enhanced competitiveness in several major industries. A unique feature of the program is a series of Annual Summer Institutes (ASI) to be held in 1998 and 1999. The foci of the 1998 ASI are to evaluate the Curricular Modules developed to date, to plan the next year's curricular activities and to develop a strategic plan for the 1999 ASI. The paper concludes with an overall project status report, summary of future plans and an outline of the assessment and dissemination aspects of the project. These latter activities involve independent program assessment by both educational and industrial professionals.



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